11. cbtr-testem-crossbrowsertesting-init

This executable helps you generate testem.json - Testem’s settings - from cross-browser-tests-runner Settings that includes CrossBrowserTesting browsers.

NOTE: Please note that browsers from other platforms would not work even if they are included in the settings file.

11.1. Usage

$ ./node_modules/.bin/cbtr-testem-crossbrowsertesting-init [--help|-h] [--input|-i <cbtr-settings-file>] [--output|-o <testem-settings-file>]

 input             cbtr.json in project root
 output            testem.json in project root

 help              print this help
 input             cross-browser-tests-runner settings file
 output            testem settings file

11.2. Questions asked

On running, the executable would ask you the following questions:

NOTE: You need to enter a value, and there are no defaults.

  • Are you using multiple tunnels with different identifiers? (y/n) [If unsure, choose "n"]
    • Please choose ‘n’. CrossBrowserTesting does not support multiple tunnels yet. This question remains for the sake of uniformity and supporting quick-start executable and would be removed later.
  • Do you need to take screenshots of your tests once completed? (y/n)
  • Do you need to take video of your test? (y/n)
  • Please provide a timeout value [60]